: Tennis Ball Retriever and Practice Aid

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Tennis Ball Pickup and Practice Aid

Do TennTube’s pick up pickleballs?
YES! The All-Ball White model picks up both indoor and outdoor pickleballs.

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The All Ball White Tenn Tube is designed to pick up 4 different types of tennis balls, as well as indoor and outdoor pickleballs.

  • Standard Tennis Balls, Green Dot, Orange Felt, Red Felt
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pickleballs
  • Capacity: 20 Balls

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Always Made in America

The “Original” Tenn Tube

Available in 8 Unique Colors

*Classic 20 available in 8 colors
*Junior/Coach/Travel available in 8 colors
*Super 26 available in 5 colors (Temporarily Out of Stock)


Bottom End Cap


Top End Cap

*rubber band sold separately


Rubber Band


End Cap Sets


TennTube Carrying Strap


All Ball White Tenn Tube


All Ball Tenn Tube – Bottom End Cap

Tenn Tube Practice Aid & Teaching Prop

Tenn Tube “DROP & HIT” method: Place your non-racket hand on the emptying end of the tube (to keep the balls from rolling out) and face down. Rest Tenn-Tube against the shoulder. You then are ready to release one ball at a time. The “DROP & HIT” method is ideal for ‘tosser to hitter’, ‘hitter to hitter’. You can easily practice your forehand and one-handed backhand by yourself.

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About TennTube

The Perfect Tennis Ball Pickup!

TennTube makes picking up tennis balls FUN, QUICK, & EASY. TennTube is the perfect practice aid and teaching prop.It is light weight and durable and saves the strain on your back, arms, and knees. Improve you forehand, one-handed backhand, and forehand volley using the TennTube “DROP & HIT” method.

Practice Hard
Pickup Easy
with Tenn Tube