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About Us

Tennis ball retriever and practice aid

The Tenn Tube is the original patented ball pick up tube. It was invented to make picking up tennis balls FUN, QUICK and EASY. You’ll find that there are many other great uses for the Tenn Tube such as:

Individual Practice

The Tenn Tube is perfect for individual practice with both the forehand and one-handed backhand ground strokes and forehand volley. See our instructional use page.

Group Lessons

Safely practice social distancing in group lessons, such as Live Ball. With Live Ball, there is no serving and every student only needs to come in contact with their own Tenn Tube and never comes in contact with the tennis balls to prevent the virus from spreading. For more info, see our instructional use page.

The Perfect Pickup for 40 Years: Tenn Tube

Tenn Tube: known as “The perfect pickup” for 40 years. Lightweight and durable, ergonomically friendly, Tenn Tube saves strain on your back, arms, knees, the perfect pair with Tourna Ball Port, hoppers, baskets and ball machines. Does not scratch or mar courts.

The Clear Tenn Tube.
Ultra light yet strong, durable, soft, flexible, clear plastic.
Makes for a comfortable grip and an easier pickup.