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Tenn Tube Instructions

To pickup, press Tenn-Tube over tennis ball

Picking up with Tenn Tube

To empty, turn upside down

Tenn Tube and ball hopper

To retain and carry balls, pull the rubber band over the end of the Tenn-Tube and under both fence hooks

Tenn-Tube “RELEASE & HIT” method: place your non-racket hand on the emptying end of the tube, rest your Tenn-Tube against the shoulder, and you’re ready to release one ball at a time !

The ball release is controlled by simply resting the Tenn-Tube on the little finger. The third finger prevents the balls from rolling out. The thumb and first two fingers control the release of the balls, one at a time.

The convenient Tenn Tube “RELEASE & HIT” method promotes good form and technique.

Player using a Tenn tube to practice her service ball toss / placement

Place and hold a Tenn-Tube between your elbows and body. If you take a big back-swing, reach too far forward, or to the side, the Tenn-Tube will drop. To keep the Tenn-Tube from dropping, you need to hit the ball the perfect distance ‘out-in-front’
Purchase your own Tenn Tube today!
The Perfect Pickup!
Purchase your own
Tenn Tube today!
The Perfect Pickup!